Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Take Bolex Shoot

Personally I enjoyed this shoot. I like working with my group very much and i felt that we had some very good ideas for this project. Shooting with the bolex was also a huge plus. Having shot with it before in Shannon's Documentary class I already made about every mistake I could and it's safe to say I learned the hard way. Well, It ended up paying off a lot for this shoot because we did not have any problems with the camera aspect of the shoot. One thing that we all agree would have been helpful would have been a wide angle lens, but it was not necessary and I feel we definitely pulled it off without it. One of my friends Stick helped out with acting and stood in as our lead character. I was very pleased with his performance, and it seemed everybody else was too.

One aspect of our project I feel could have been better was the developing process. My processing partner Nate and I followed the directions, but were still a bit unsure at parts if we had submerged the film long enough or not. So we dipped it again, and even one more time! So we thought for sure we had pushed our film too far and nothing was going to show up, however, when we showed it to Andre, he thought we had maybe not even left it in the developer long enough. Soooo... now we are a bit confused as to what happened, but somehow, the film showed up way better than we thought anyway. So we'll see, when we invert it in final cut and mess around a bit how it looks.

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